In 2014, my husband and I spent a glorious week in The Buffalo Mountain Lodge in Banff. Best night sleep I have had in years! I wanted to find out where they got their beds from so I could order one! They told me it came from Halstead Furniture! Martin is the owner....
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I didn't like
  • Martin haines
  • Excessive charge for garbage
  • Being lied to
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I purchased a custom bed from Halstead Sofa and Mattress Makers located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Business License Number: BL93028). The owner of this small company, Martin Haines, made no attempt to reimburse me for items that were missing in my bed or for items...
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customer care

I have read your post and its unfortunate that this has happened and you feel the need to vent. Please contact me directly at and I will be more than happy to...

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Seems to be a disturbing pattern with this Halstead owner